It is timely that we are introducing the Protege Project during this unprecedented time of in our which we live. People need to hear God’s message of Hope, Deliverance & Victory from the people of God who have been tried in the fire, who have learned and continue to learn how to live well in a world of chaos, where Christ Has All Our Solution

This is the goal of the Protégé Project. The Protégé is a Christian discipleship ministry geared to helping people live well with understanding, meaning and purpose during these uncertain times. By studying the ministry of Jesus and the four attributes associated with him at the age of twelve, the lyrics a Protégé will be able to bare witness to the eternal truth found in the words penned by Andrea Crouch, “Jesus is the Answer for the World Today.”      

The Protégé Project has four components that we invite you to explore by clicking each link. 

Module One: Read Protégé: Five things you should know about being a Protégé Jesus

Module Two: Why be a Protégé of Jesus?  In this study we will at 16 reasons to be a protégé Jesus. 

Module Three:  A Call to Empowerment. In this module we explore what it means to live as protegee of Jesus based on Luke 2:52

Module Four: Practical learning 

Upon completing module 1-3 students can participate in a practicum based on what they have learned in the first 3 modules. Module 4 will include discussions reviewing principles of Luke 2:52, an opportunity to choose a project or topic, then planning and performing their final projects. Projects can be in any arm of NGM or other area they choose (e.g., making a video, writing/ performing spoken word, writing and acting a skit, service project for persons who are homeless etc.)  but must demonstrate their understanding of the principles taught and how they’ve learned to put discipleship into practice. Students who successfully complete all modules will receive a token of recognition to be determined (e.g., small scholarship, laptop computer).


Students who successfully complete all modules will be invited to become a Protégé Fellow. These students may continue to develop the area they choose in module three, another area in NGM, or work with mentors to develop a new ministry that is in line with the mission of NGM. Older high school students and young adults who are interested (and qualify through appropriate screening etc.) may be invited to become team leaders/instructors/mentors for younger students, or representatives of NGM (e.g., at conferences, ministry programs, etc.)

NGM may also be able to assist some Protégé Fellows by connecting them to other ministries, programs, educational, or employment opportunities according to their abilities and interests.