The Difference between the Holy Spirit and Your Own Human Spirit

By Max Wellspring Oseogena Orginal Facebook Post: September 7, 2013 at 6:50 AM Your human spirit guides you by conviction, but the Holy Spirit guides you by revelation and through spiritual gifts to make you walk in God’s perfect will for your life. Conviction is about being strong in all things that is within truth and … Read more

I Know A Man

Topic: I know a man Text: Acts 2:22-32 By Pastor Jonita Johnson, When I was a child in church, the congregation I grew up in had what was called, and still today, a testimonial service. An old saint of the church would stand and lead off in a song; then they would say: giving honor … Read more

Who Are You?

The man who was born blind, the woman with the issue of blood, the man with the withered hand, the man at the pool of Bethesda, Jairus’ daughter, Peter’s mother in law, the woman at the well. Have you notice anything here? The man who had leprosy, the man with many demons, and the list … Read more