Our History

Founded in 1985 in Cleveland Mississippi, by Rev. Russell M. Morrow, New Generation Ministries began as a community outreach ministry of Solomon Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church with a food pantry program operated by Brother. B. L. Bell and Reverend Morrow and the Christian Perspectives Newsletter. By 1989 the Christian Perspective Newsletter had a circulation across America, Bermuda and South Africa.

The Christian Perspective Television program was also created and recorded in Cleveland Mississippi, at the 1st Baptist Church. This was done as a part of their community outreach. The pastor at that time was the Reverend James Street. Christian Perspectives aired on the ACTS Television network from 1985-86. In 2005, Christian Perspectives television talk show was produced by New Generation Media Productions in Union City and aired weekly in West Tennessee on Charter TV. It was also in Cleveland that our radio ministry took shape and was eventually called God’s Word for Our Changing Times.

In January of 1988 the mission and purpose of New Generation Ministries was clearly defined in Brookhaven Mississippi, as a result of gang activity, and a need for an after-school program. After a time of racial tensions and miss-trust between the African American community and the Brookhaven School Board of Directors, with the help of his church leaders, including members of Alcorn College Alumni Association, concerned citizen and the county commissioners, Rev. Morrow was able to formed a steering committee and lead the community in the establishment of the Boys Girls Club of Lincoln County in Brookhaven MS in 1990. The Boys and Girls club was housed at the Eva Harris Vocational Complex.  At that time the old Ford dealership at 213 S. Second St. was made available to the Boys and Girls club for a lease price of $1.00 by the county commission. With the help of steering committee members, Ann Hawkins and Alex Corban of Trustmark Bank, United Way, Bethel A.M.E. Church, the religious community and other supporters of the project, the Ford building was renovated to house the Boys and Girls Club in the fall of 1989. Rev. Morrow served as the director until September of 1990.

In 1991 we hosted our first of many youth conference in Vicksburg, MS. The purpose of these youth conferences has been: unity fellowship, worship, study, food, games, field trips and motivation, encouragement and something new or different to think about. While at the same time lifting up Jesus Christ as a valid and necessary alternative to gangs, drugs, sex, violence, ignorance and other negative influences that confront our youth and

In 1993, the Umoja Enrichment Program was founded Rev. Russell M. Morrow of New Generation Ministries and the Rev. Dr. Morris, Henderson, founder of the Williams Institute.

The project site was located at Turner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Columbus, MS. The program was implemented for the 1993-1994 school year.

The Purpose of the Umoja Enrichment program:  To promote a complementary / supplementary after-school program designed to assist parents, churches, and public schools enhance the quality of life in our youth. By directing our efforts towards the enrichment of our youth’s quality of life, we will offer services that will encourage the development of mental, emotional, social, and spiritual qualities essential to individual happiness, and responsible citizenship.  It was in Columbus, MS that the NGM Youth Conferences developed its character and has and has continued to the present.

1994-1996 Rev. Morrows work quest for his Doctorate in Ministries resulted in the “The Model for the Liberation of African American Youth in Columbus/Coldwater, Mississippi.”  “The Model for the Liberation of African American Youth is an empowerment program based on Daniel Chapters 1,2,3 and 6, that helps young people understand how relationship with God, purpose in life, wisdom based life skills and their cultural heritage  can fruitfully guide them through life in very practical ways.

In 1997 the “The Model for the Liberation of African American Youth,” became the foundation of the Umoja Enrichment Program in Dyersburg, TN, at Ross United Methodist Church. Program expanded to include:

  1. NGM Media 1997
  2. The NGM Community Choir 1999
  3. NGM Drama Guild 2000
  4. Kid’s Press Small Business Project 2001

These four activities created an environment where the participant can be in community with others where they can learn how to apply the lessons of the Model for the Liberation of African American Youth.

In 1999 through a collaborative effort between Dr. Morrow, Ms. Nancy Deer, and the Dyer County School System, the “Umoja after School Enrichment Program” was able two implement the Umoja Enrichment Program in tow locations through a block grant awarded to the Dyer County School System. The two sites served was:

  • Ross UMC
  • Hollis Powell Middle School.

In 2003 Dr. Morrow began to address the question what did it mean to be a Protégé of Jesus in his book, Protégé. Protégé was an update of this 1993 book, “Word Up” The Truth Shall Set You Free.” The result was the Protégé Project. The Protégé Project is based on the four characteristics associated with Jesus at the age of 12 as recorded in Luke 2:51-52, “Then he went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” It is important to note that these four characteristics were identified after it was stated that Jesus was obedient to his parents.

The Protégé Project helps participants to see how wisdom, stature, favor with God and favor with man can build strong and productive lives as seen in the life and mission of Jesus of Nazareth. The goal is to help the participant to grow in the flowing ways.

Wisdom – To help students understand the importance of wisdom, knowledge and understanding in traveling down the road of life where life skills, marketing skill, social skills are important keys to successful and fulfilling life.

Stature – To help students recognize their potential, find and possibly understand their purpose in life and help them build their moral, physical and spiritual character. This component focuses on seven guide posts that help equip participants with a practical framework for living a fruitful and purposeful life. a life that  enables participants to invest, not only in self, but in their community and the Kingdom of God.

Favor With God – The emphasis of this component is to help our participants appreciate the Word of God as a practical application in their personal development that renders an inner and outer peace.

Favor With Man – The focus of this component is to help the participants understanding one’s purpose, guide personal preparation and, acts of meaningful service. It also includes helping the participant’s values, the intrinsic goodness and fulfillment that is associated with service to others.

In 2005 the New Generation Television Network was formed in Union City, TN in the Vanity Fair Outlet Mall. This aspect of the N.G.M. included the production of six television programs:

  • God’s Word for Our Changing Times
  • Community Church
  • Christian Perspective
  • Prophecy Plus
  • Ministry Matters and
  • Music in the Air