I Know A Man

Text: Acts 2:22-32

By Pastor Jonita Johnson,

When I was a child in church, the congregation I grew up in had what was called, and still today, a testimonial service. An old saint of the church would stand and lead off in a song; then they would say: giving honor to God, my Pastor, and my brothers and sisters, “I know a man who saved my soul some, then they would say how many years ago.

They would tell of their experiences with faith, with Jesus. They would talk about what they were struggling with now, and what they wanted the church family to pray for them about. They would Testify!

Peter was not drunk when he preached, as some thought, as we read in Acts chapter 2 verses 14 through 41.

He too, was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, as he spoke about the Pentecost and testimony of Joel. Chapter 2, verses 28-32 and even David, when he spoke about the coming messiah in Psalms chapter 16, verses 8-11.

We have the assurance through the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Eternal Life; that after we die to this physical life, our soul lives forever. Something has to die to be resurrected.

Resurrection equals, a do over, done! Born! and revived.

Without the resurrection we have no reason to believe in Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus took Him to another dimension of life. He is now in Heaven at the right hand of our Father God.

Are you a witness today of what Christ has done in your life? The Bible says we overcome by the word of our testimony. Our testimonies tell of our life experiences and what the Lord has done.

No, Peter and the others were not drunk with wine. They were not toked with smoke, pickled with liquor, or hopped out on smack.

There were 120, men and women in the upper room waiting for the Holy Spirit, as Jesus commanded. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in other languages and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

They knew a man who was crucified, dead, buried and risen. He walked among the living, and He’s still is among us through the Holy Spirit who lives in us. I know a man!!!

The witness of David through 42 generations, continues to be real to those who believe. How AWESOME is that? The POWERFUL testimony of Peter who was often quick at the lip, and found himself in the valley of shame, but was FORGIVEN to witness about the man he knew as the Messiah, the Son of God – His witness still stands. Our Testimony today, is how the Lord has delivered, forgiven, protected and changed our lives. We TODAY who are alive in Christ are witnesses to HIS POWER! There’s an old song that says, “I know a man from Galilee, if you’re in sin I know He’ll set you free, ohhh! do you know Him?

I know a man who keeps me every day of my life:

Who is my shelter, because I didn’t get evicted.

Who is my provider, because He gave me a job.

I know a man who is my healer. My doctor when by body is wracked with so much pain from arthritis in my shoulders that I sometimes want to holler! BUT He touched me and took away my pain. I know a man who took the taste of alcohol from me after 30 years or more of drinking and made me a new creation. I know a man – His name is Jesus. Do you know Him?

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