Our Covenant With God

As a protégé of Jesus, we must always remember that God’s call on our lives to ministry and service is based on a personal covenant we have with God. For example: Noah, Abraham, Moses and David had Covenants with God. When our commitment to that covenant to serve God is stressed or challenged by the dictates of people or systems, our love for God and man must be the path for negotiating the difference. When our commitment to the covenant is challenged by those tedious and tasteless hours when God is silent, follow the example of:
1. Noah, and keep pressing on
2. Abraham, and stay faithful
3. Moses, and finish the work
4. David, by repenting and praising God
5. And honor our covenant with Christ. A covenant of new life through death and resurrection, the presence of the holy spirit to guide us, for us to make disciples of Jesus Christ and, His promise to never leave us alone.
Peace & Blessings,
Rev. Russell M. Morrow

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