Who Are You?

The man who was born blind, the woman with the issue of blood, the man with the withered hand, the man at the pool of Bethesda, Jairus’ daughter, Peter’s mother in law, the woman at the well. Have you notice anything here? The man who had leprosy, the man with many demons, and the list goes on. Noe of the people have names. They are all identified by their situation. Maybe someone who’s reading this could easily slip their name into one of these situations or may know of someone who would fit right in. But In each one of these situations, God met their need. No longer should they be identified by their situation, but now we can call them “healed,” we can call them “delivered,” we can call them, “set free.” I am reminded of a song by Donald Lawrence that says, “I know my identity, my name is Victory!” If God has ever delivered you from anything, no longer should you be identified by that situation, but by what God has done for you. What is your name? Do you know your identity?

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