Sharing God's Message of Hope, Deliverance, and Victory, Just For You!!!

Traveling on the road of life is like traveling on the highway systems of America from one place to another. As you travel, you will see the countryside revealing the handiwork of God. You will see those purple mountains with their majesty across the fruited plains. You will see the great cities built by man. You will see beautiful trees that have been standing for over thousands of years. You will see the desert, the Great Plains, the oceans, rivers, canyons, rolling hills, and much of the beauty of this earth. As you travel the road of life you will see the beauty of life. You will recognize the beauty of your life, your potential, your dreams and your aspirations. You will know that your future is promising. But in life’s beauty there are still some realities that you must accept. When you travel on the highway systems of America, you will experience storm clouds, rainstorms, windstorms, snowstorms, floods, and blizzards. I will never forget the time my family and I were traveling through Missouri on Interstate 55 north. We noticed the clouds were dark and low. But our spirits were lifted when we noticed rays of sunlight piercing through those dark clouds making beautiful sunbeams that fell to the earth, lighting a path through the darkness. It was beautiful. For the rest of that trip, Elaine, Chastidy, Audrey, and I sang: A Sun Beam, a Sun Beam, Jesus wants me for a Sun Beam. A Sun Beam, a Sun Beam, I’ll be a Sun Beam for Him. As you travel life’s highway, things may look good to you. You may feel good and think that you can conquer the world, but eventually you will experience some troubled times and some serious storms. Some of these storms you will bring on yourself. Others will be the result of your humanity. Some will occur just because you are God’s creation. Some of you may have been depressed in the past. Some of you may be depressed right now and feel that things are going very badly in your life. The beauty of life may seem like a distant dream to you. Whatever your situation may be, always remember God will break through the storm clouds in your life with a ray of light for your path, a sun beam. God’s Word will reveal a truth to you that will set you free. His Word will give you a message of Hope, Deliverance, and Victory. God wants you to know for yourself that Jesus Christ is truly the answer for the world and for your life. I’m thankful to God that I personally know from my experiences and can share with you in yours that, if you are looking for help, love, identity, and a future, Christ has a lot to offer you. If you feel trapped in a habit, you are overwhelmed with peer pressure, or if you are depressed, you can overcome all these things through Jesus Christ. God fixed it so that the quality of your life is based on the choices you make and the things you do. So, remember, no matter what you experience in life, the good, the bad or the ugly, God is in control and will give you the wisdom that will guide your through life if you will only trust Him.