The Protege Project

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The Protégé Project is a Christian discipleship study from New Generation Ministries geared to helping people discover how they can live well in our world of chaos as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The objective of the study is two-fold. First, inspire participants to learn, think, and grow in Godly wisdom, purpose, and agape love. Second, to equip and encourage participants to effectively promote the good news of the Gospel as a Protege of Jesus. The Protege Project consists of three modules and a podcast that offer practical wisdom for living well in our world of chaos based on the life teachings of Jesus Christ and his impact on the planet.

Module One: “Christ Has Much to Offer.” In this study, participants will research the meaning of the abundant life that Jesus spoke of in John chapter 10, verse 10. Participants will look at what Jesus offers humanity to live life abundantly. At the end of this study, participants will articulate their ideas on the depth and expanse of Jesus’ offerings to us. And its influence on the world. The Textbook for this study is Protégé: Five essential things you should know about Jesus, by Reverend Russell M. Morrow.

Module two “Why Be a Protege of Jesus?”  In this module, participants explore sixteen critical points in the life of Jesus. These key points give us a foundation for why we can trust Jesus and follow him as the way, the truth, and the life. At the end of this course, participants will present their case for following  Jesus as a protege.

Module Three, “A the Call to Empowerment,” is based on Luke, chapter 2, verse 52. In this module, participants will examine the four attributes associated with Jesus at the age of twelve and how those attributes revealed themselves in his life. At the end of this course, participants will contextualize these attributes for their lives as a Protégé of Jesus.

The Road to Life Podcast, by  Reverend Dr. Russell M. Morrow and friends, offers timely wisdom lessons for our journey on the road of life to life eternal.